Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Home Pleasures

I have stayed at home with my children since the oldest was born. It has been wonderful and just what I always wanted. Now I will be going out and getting a full-time job outside the home. Undeniably, both working (outside the home) mothers and stay-at-home mothers have their unique challenges to face. All types of mothers and fathers have their deep sacrifices to make. I know that working outside the home while still being a quality wife and mother sounds daunting to me and I am relying on strength outside myself to help me through.

These are some of the things I will miss not being home all day:

Letting growing children sleep in until they wake naturally.

Having plenty of time to teach life skills.

Reading from several great books per day.

To be perfectly honest, communing with my Facebook friends at different times of the day.

The extra energy I sometimes have to do extroverted things because I am home most of the time feeding my introvert.

Making most of our food from scratch. (Might still be able to do this, but it is going to get much more challenging.)

Hours of time to spend with my husband in the evenings.

Getting and giving about 15 hugs a day.

Letting my children follow their passions even if everything takes longer that way. Xander has become a history buff who is getting pretty good at taking pictures. Nick tells us long tales filled with his favorite characters every day. Math is a fun and silly subject for us, not a forbidding and avoided one. *Sigh.*

With all that said, I have a second interview for a job this afternoon and, honestly, I will be lucky and grateful if I get the job. When you need one, you need one.