Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing at Home Part 2

This is Xander catching me in the act of photographing him. "Mo-om! You didn't tell me you were taking a picture and I wasn't smiling!"

This is what I wanted to catch: early morning musing out the window. He knew I was taking it, so he smiled.

Another commission. I should really get Xander a camera soon.

After I took this picture, he said, "Is it okay to destroy it now?" Yes.

A Lego Duplo Cars set came for Nick - another thanks to grandmas, grandpas, and aunts!

Xander and I built while Nick played with the cars. By the way, the woman at the post office thought they were twins before she saw the height difference. I accidentally dressed them the same way, down to the blue socks that Xander picked out himself and I grabbed for Nick as the only pair left that wasn't packed.

Xander loves this.

Nick is a monk. He may as well retire to a monastery and read all day.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Playing at Home

Xander and I made a wooden block play space for Sandy.

He seemed interested.

One structure did fall down on him.

He quickly started chewing on the blocks.

So we put his vegetables in with him.

But we had to take him out very quickly anyway due to chewing and hazards and the danger of him eliminating on the floor.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yearly Xander

Xander about 1 month old - Daddy's getting graduation requirements done

Xander at ten months old

Xander at almost three years old

Three years old

Four years old

Five years old

Six years old

And this is just cute.

Yearly Nick

This is the earliest digital picture of Nick I can easily find. He is almost five months old here, I think.

This is Nick on his first birthday.

This is Nick on his second birthday.

Here he is just before his third birthday.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nick's Birthday 3

Birthday snack time
These are photos from Nick's recent birthday.

For birthday dinner, we had fish sticks and french fries and mashed potatoes and peas and Fish Bowl Gelatin. The news of dinner was greeted by two boys running around the room yelling, "Fish sticks and french fries! Fish sticks and french fries!" etc. until I could get the food on the table.

Fish Bowl Gelatin did not turn out quite right even though I used three different containers and slightly different methods.

My gelatin was so dark blue you could hardly see the fish after all.

There they are; it's kind of a churny ocean.
This is very calm waters; the sharks are gathered together for moral support.

Dinner was short, of course.

We soon found ourselves in the living room for cake and presents (normally we wouldn't have cake in the living room, but this way Erik could see via video call).

This is going to lead to hours of fun - thanks Grandma Lucy!

Xander picked out these neat candles. They are pretty colors themselves and their flames burn three different colors at once!

I think you know what this one is.

Daddy was there!

Fish has been dissected

Mr. Potato Head

Xander was happy to help.

pop-up bug book from Grandma Bonnie was a huge hit

So far, he's pretty careful handling it...
big activity book!

Xander agreed to try to tie a knot after Erik said he believed in him.

Still working but getting really close

Lacing beads: another one that big brother already likes to borrow
Woo hoo! A musical card from Grandpa Larry and Grandma Alla

 What a nice birthday celebration we had with you, Nick!