Thursday, October 10, 2013

How Much?

back when I wasn't running again, yet, because there really is only so much you can do well

Is it possible for one person to run, I mean as in training hard, and keep house and make meals, and homeschool, and be a good parent, and delve into scholarly study herself, and be a good spouse, and get enough rest? This is the question I'm thinking about these days.

I'm not thinking about in an emergency way or a beating-myself-up way. Just thinking. And trying.


  1. What a nice picture! I would be curious the answer to this in regards to any type of training.

  2. Yes, exactly. The sleep part is pretty vital for me or else I don't do anything very well. Thanks for the compliment! Our family's most interesting pictures usually involve us all moving around. ;) Oh, who am I kidding? ALL of our family's pictures involve people moving around.

  3. I think that moving around thing comes with being surrounded by boys. Mine, at least, don't do well with posing for the camera.

  4. Yeah, the theory holds up in our family. I'll never forget some of the pictures I took of my oldest when he was ten months old. One was a picture of his foot in the air, coming out of a box. The rest of his body had just fallen into said box.